Join us in worship and friendship.   Whether a regular or occasional Churchgoer, or you would just like to see what we do, a warm welcome awaits you

All Saints’ Church is the focal point in our village for meeting together for Christian worship and fellowship, and celebrating important events in the Christian calendar and family life, a mission which it has fulfilled for over 900 years.   We aim to continue to serve our community by bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to all, and giving help and support wherever and in whatever form needed.     
All Saints' Church is one of the 600 churches in the 470 parishes in the Diocese of York.   It is one of the churches making up the benefice of Rudston with Boynton, Carnaby and Kilham, and Burton Fleming with Fordon, Grindale and Wold Newton within the Bridlington Deanery, which is part of the Archdeaconry of the East Riding of Yorkshire.

You can access to the Diocese of York website entry for our Church by pressing on the Church of England button below.  

Welcome ! 

We are enjoying a really exciting time at All Saints, Wold Newton. We have entered the world of 'web sites' and now we feel that we have arrived so to speak. Technology today is a fantastic tool of mission for churches, we are able to reach thousands, nay, millions more people than we would ever think possible. The world seems to have grown smaller and technology has encouraged this.

Here at All Saints, we are always exploring new ways of bringing the gospel to the village of Wold Newton, to make the Good News of Jesus Christ alive and relevant in our world today. We are a dedicated team of ordinary folks, just like the disciples of Jesus, who endeavour to bring love, care and friendship to all whom we meet.
So please, use our web site, enquire, question and explore the Christian faith with us. You will be able to contact the personnel here and be assured of a warm welcome. Explore the web site ..... and enjoy !!

With love & blessings, Reverend Barbara Hodgson.  Parish Priest.


Our Church is committed to the Safeguarding Policy of the Church of England

Safeguarding Policy Statement of the Church of England

The Church of England, its Archbishops, Bishops, clergy and leaders are committed to safeguarding as an integral part of the life and ministry of the Church.

Safeguarding means the action the Church takes to promote a safer culture. This means we will promote the welfare of children, young people and adults, work to prevent abuse from occurring, seek to protect those that are at risk of being abused and respond well to those that have been abused. We will take care to identify where a person may present a risk to others, and offer support to them whilst taking steps to mitigate such risks.

The Church of England affirms the ‘Whole Church’ approach to safeguarding. This approach encompasses a commitment to consistent policy and practice across all Church bodies, Church Officers and that everyone associated with the Church, who comes into contact with children, young people and adults, has a role to play.

The Church will take appropriate steps to maintain a safer environment for all and to practice fully and positively Christ's Ministry towards children, young people and adults; to respond sensitively and compassionately to their needs in order to help keep them safe from harm
The Church of England's Safeguarding Policy, 'Promoting a Safer Church', signed on behalf of our Incumbent, and by our Churchwardens, can be accessed by clicking on the button below.

A copy of our Safeguarding statement is below
Safeguarding Policy
The Season of
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Services Ahead

​​Services in April 2019

Thursday   4th              9:15 a.m.      Wold Newton Foundation School 
​                                                              Easter Service

Sunday      7th            10:00  a.m.     Service of Holy Communion
                                                              led by Rev'd Barbara Hodgson

Sunday     14th           10:00 p.m.      Palm Sunday Service of Holy
                                                              Communion led by Rev'd Barbara Hodgson
                                                              Meet outisde the Anvil Arms at 9:45 p.m. for                                                                      procession to Church led by William the Donkey

                                                                                                           Please note that William likes ginger biscuits, so please bring some along to                                                                                                                         encourage him to lead us to Church
Wednesday 17th          7:00 p.m.     Compline for Holy Week led by 
                                                              Mr. Roger Askham

Sunday     21st            10:00 a.m.     Easter Sunday Service of Holy Communion
                                                              led by Rev'd Peter Bowers

Sunday     28th             10:00 a.m.    Combined Benefice Service of Holy
                                                              Communion at Carnaby  


Services and Events
For more information about the above services and those  in following months please refer to the services section of the Services and Events page by clicking on the button below.
Contact Us
Parish Priest
Rev'd Barbara Hodgson

Tel:  01262 675014
email: [email protected]
If not available, in emergency please contact either Mrs. Julie West (01262 470546)
or Mrs. Carol Brunt (01262 470848)
Mrs. Julie West
Tel: 01262 470546
email: [email protected]
Mrs. Carol Brunt
Tel:  01262 470838
email: [email protected]
Parochial Church Council Secretary
Mrs. Carol Brunt (01262 470838)
email: [email protected]
Lay Vice-Chairman PCC
Mr. John Butler (01262 470210)
[email protected]

Acting Hon. Treasurer
Mrs. Julie West
email: [email protected]
Buildings Officer
Mr Gil Robinson (01262 470268)
[email protected]
Meetings Clerk
Mr. John Butler (01262 470210)
PCC Member with responsiblity for publicity
Mrs. Margaret Tansley (01262 470818)
[email protected]

PCC Member with responsibility for Vestry & Toilet Project Fundraising Initiatives
Mrs. Anny Bibby (01262 470287)
[email protected]

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